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About Natural Immunity (NI)

Natural Immunity is an innovative international organization based in Australia  that combines education, technology, and proven medical treatments and alternatives with healthy lifestyle choices to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone. We believe that our unique combinatorial approach to health forms the basis of our advantage in seeking to deliver to you the most accurate and objective information.

This website provides free, up-to-date and relevant literature to guide our readers to make more informed decisions regarding their health.

Our focus lies in areas of global health significance, particularly those underpinned by chronic inflammation such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases associated with aging. Natural Immunity focuses on improving immunity to extend life and health span - we provide up-to-date scientific knowledge into the biology of the aging process. We will also highlight relevant anti-aging clinical trials and discuss their implications for the general public.

The information on this website should not replace the opinions and guidance from a your medical doctor. We recommend consultation with your doctor before adopting any of our recommendations on this site.

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